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A Crash Course in...

Over four sessions, these intensive courses allow deep focus on particular areas of creative writing, without the financial or time commitments required of more traditional eight and twelve week courses, and university degree programmes. 

All courses are built to allow individual participants to choose their level of engagement based on the amount of time they have to devote to the materials. 

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  • Sparking Creativity
    Sparking Creativity
    Wed, 10 Jan
    10 Jan 2024, 18:00 GMT – 31 Jan 2024, 20:00 GMT
    Start your writing year off right by embracing play and experimentation in your writing practice. We'll engage in a wide variety of generative exercises and discussions that will get our creativity flowing, and set us up with plenty of inspiration for the year ahead.
  • Writing Emotions: Grief
    Writing Emotions: Grief
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 21 Jan
    21 Jan 2024, 14:00 – 16:30 GMT
    How might we address and process grief in our writing? What language might we use to express grief on the page? We'll explore Grief in our writing from a variety of angles.
  • Writing While Neurodivergent
    Writing While Neurodivergent
    Wed, 14 Feb
    14 Feb 2024, 18:00 GMT – 06 Mar 2024, 20:30 GMT
    We’ll explore tools, tricks and techniques for creating writing, and writing practices, that reflect our lived reality as ND people.
  • Writing Emotions: Compassion
    Writing Emotions: Compassion
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 18 Feb
    18 Feb 2024, 14:00 – 16:30 GMT
    Did you know that Compassion means 'to suffer together'? How can we find compassion for ourselves in our practice and exemplify compassion in our writing? We'll explore Compassion in our writing from a variety of angles.
  • Planning, Writing and Editing Your Novel
    Planning, Writing and Editing Your Novel
    Wed, 20 Mar
    20 Mar 2024, 18:00 – 31 Jul 2024, 20:00
    Details Coming Soon!
  • Neuroqueering Your Practice
    Neuroqueering Your Practice
    Tue, 23 Apr
    23 Apr 2024, 18:00 BST – 14 May 2024, 20:00 BST
    Neuroqueering refers to practices we can engage in to "subvert, defy, disrupt, and free ourselves from the expectations of neuronormativity and heteronormativity". Whether or not you are neurodivergent or queer yourself, your writing might benefit from applying these practices.
  • Writing Emotions: Joy
    Writing Emotions: Joy
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 03 Dec
    03 Dec 2023, 14:00 – 16:30 GMT
    How can we find the joy in our writing practice? How can we draw from our own joys to create new writing? We'll explore Joy in our writing from a variety of angles. From how it affects our practice, to experimenting with elements of the Romance genre.

Each course has limited places in order to maintain group cohesion and quality of learning.

Limited free scholarship places are available on each course, on a first come, first served basis. Please contact me directly to secure one of these places. No disclosure required.

*It is possible to donate a scholarship place

All sessions take place via Zoom

All times listed are in UK time.​

Please note that all sessions will be recorded and shared with ticket holders, along with all course materials. Therefore you do not need to be able to attend all or any of the sessions live, in order to sign-up. 

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