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1:1 Mentoring

Considering 1:1 mentoring? Book a FREE 30 minute consultation.

We can discuss your writing goals, and how they might match up with my experience and mentoring style, and I can help you decide what services might be right for your needs and budget. Or just use the session for general writing advice and Q&A. 

*Please note that I cannot read any writing in advance of a free consultation session. 

Mentoring Services

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Line Editing & Marginalia

General Report

£60 + £30 per 2,000 words

£90 per 2,000 words

This type of report focuses closely on language, syntax, clarity of expression, sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation, and consists of a digital copy of the work with tracked changes and margin comments. 

Recommended for final drafts of work being prepared for submission.

This report gives a general account of the strengths and weaknesses of the piece, including suggestions for improvement in key areas, with a focus on up to three specific questions or concerns as outlined by the writer in advance. 

In Depth Report

£180 + £30 per 2,000 words 

This report gives a more detailed account of the strengths and weakness of the piece, including suggestions for improvement throughout. Feedback will focus on character development, plot and structure, time and place, voice and perspective, and language and style. Will include guidance in regards to submitting to agents, publishers and/or literary magazines and competitions, and suggestions for useful further reading.


£15 per 15 minutes

Writing is a form of thinking...but so is talking. Tutorials with an experienced reader can be useful at all stages of your project development. 

All tutorials take place via Zoom and include:

  • A pre-tutorial questionnaire about your project and your aims for the tutorial

  • A post-tutorial debrief document with suggested exercises, readings and action points for moving forward. 

  • A recording of your ZOOM session

Sensitivity Reading

£225 + £37.50 per 2,000 words

Other Services

  • Writing Workshop Facilitator 

  • Event Chair 

  • Speaker/Panel Member 

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