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A photo of KR. A white, non-binary person. They have dark, short hair, clear framed glasses and a teal tank top

Photo by Jason Rodgers


KR Moorhead is a writer and educator who has been teaching creative writing for almost 14 years. Up until 2023, they were a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia where they earned an MA in Creative Writing: Prose Fiction in 2007. KR also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Practice and Research.

Since choosing to pursue freelance creative writing mentoring and facilitating, KR has launched FLUX: Trans* Writers Circle, as well as a series of successful 'Crash Courses' in elements of writing and writing practice. They have facilitated for Writers in Bloom, Beyond Form Creative Writing, Devotion Workshop, Norwich School of Creative Writing, and Oxbridge Academic Courses, and teach on Writing the Novel and Writer's Portfolio for The University of Hull's online, part-time Creative Writing MA.

KR works with a variety of writers on a one-to-one basis.


KR's novella, The First Law of Motion, was published in the US by St. Martin's Press in 2009. 

Originally from Philadelphia, KR now lives in Norwich, UK with their partner and four cats.

From KR:

As an educator, I hope to use my experience to help facilitate writers in developing their own ideas, voices and problem solving techniques. I come at all of my teaching from a perspective that acknowledges and respects the lived experience of the writer, and the accompanying knowledge gained with that experience. I hope to help writers unearth the aims behind their writing and to offer them tools and space to best achieve these. I have been nurturing writers through their unique projects for over a decade and am available to help you take your writing project to the next level.

*As a neurodivergent and genderqueer educator I especially welcome ND and Trans*/GNC writers who are looking for a supportive and accessible feedback environment, and I also welcome requests for sensitivity readings around these identity factors. 

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