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My Current City Lit Courses

The links below will take you to the City Lit course pages. All booking is through City Lit.

Writing Fiction​

Mondays 2:45-4:45 pm

via Zoom

Sept 16th - Nov 25th 2024

Ways into CW

Mondays 7-9 pm

via Zoom

Feb 24th - Mar 31st (2025)

Writing Fantasy Stories

Wednesdays 7-9 pm

via Zoom

Sept 25th - Dec 4th

Developing Your CW

Mondays 3-5 pm

via Zoom

Apr 28th - July 21st (2025)

Developing Your Novel

Thursdays 5:30-7:30 pm

via Zoom

Jan 16th - Mar 27th (2025)

How to Develop a Sustainable Writing Practice

Sun 10:30 am -1 pm via Zoom

June 8th & 15th (2025)

Writing Science Fiction

Tuesdays 6-8 pm

via Zoom

Feb 4th - Mar 11th (2025)

Short Story Writing

Thursdays 6-8 pm

via Zoom

June 19th - July 24th (2025)

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