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Writing While Neurodivergent

We’ll explore tools, tricks and techniques for creating writing, and writing practices, that reflect our lived reality as ND people.

About the Course:

Are you a neurodivergent person who writes creatively, or would like to? Do you sometimes struggle with maintaining a writing practice, focusing on a task, completing projects, celebrating your own successes, or generally coping with the expectations of neurotypical society and work culture?

Over four sessions of 2.5 hours each, we’ll explore tools, tricks and techniques for deconstructing internal ableism, and creating writing and writing practices that reflect our lived reality as ND people.

Each session will involve group discussion around a topic and reading material, as well as responding to a variety of inspiring and relevant writing exercises.

We welcome writers of all experience levels, from complete novice to published professional

Session 1 - Structured Chaos

Many ND people require strict schedules and rules in order to function, others only thrive in chaos. Many of us actually need some structure with room for flexibility. By unpicking and deconstructing neurotypical/capitalist ideas of work ethic and success, we’ll create writing practices that work for our individual aims, lives and needs.

Session 2 - Chasing the Hyperfocus

Despite what we’ve been told, procrastination may be a necessary part of our creative process. We have the power to redefine what actually counts as ‘writing’, and this can help ignite our creativity. We’ll explore techniques for ‘tricking’ our brains into figuring out what we want to write about, getting words on the page, and staying ‘on task’ (or not!)

Session 3 - Deconstructing the Arc

Often time and memory work differently for ND people. So why can’t our writing reflect this? We’ll tear down Aristotle's three act ‘arc’ and build in its place spirals, explosions, meanderings, honeycombs and fractals.

Session 4 - Fantasy as Reality

In order to honestly illustrate our lived experiences as ND people in our writing, we might find that a touch of magic or the supernatural can help us get closer to the truth. We’ll play with elements of fantasy (and horror) as tools for illuminating the realities we inhabit.

Ticket prices are tiered for financial accessibility. 

£70 - Accomplice Ticket (subsidises a lower cost ticket)

£60 - General Admission (represents the true cost of the course)

£50 - Subsidised Ticket (cost is subsidised by Accomplice Tickets)

There is one 1 free scholarship place available on each intake of the course, as standard. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis with no requirement to disclose financial or personal information.

Please note that all sessions will be recorded and shared with ticket holders, with discussions and participant contributions edited out. 

If you are not available to attend any of the above intakes, there will be an option to purchase an asynchronous version of the course soon.

All courses aim to be neurodivergent, chronically ill and disabled-centred.

As standard:

-Sessions include live closed captioning

-Sessions are recorded and shared with course members

-All slideshow and reading materials are digital and shared directly with members

-All exercise instructions are written out and given verbally

-No pressure to use mics or cameras - students can choose to use the chat function to communicate with the group

-No pressure to share writing.

-All sessions will have a mid-point break, but students are encouraged to eat, drink, stim, move about the room, and take breaks as needed.

-Attendees will be given an opportunity to share any specific access needs before the start of the course.

For more information on the course leader, KR Moorhead, please visit

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